Not The Average Betty

Amplifying the voice of Black & Brown entrepreneurial brands
Not The Average Betty

Not The Average Betty

Hi, I'm Betty - a copywriter and content consultant for Black & Brown entrepreneurs and small businesses


I'm rooting for everybody Black


Did you know more than 50% of new businesses in the last ten years have been minority-owned? Or that 64% of new companies launched by women last year were founded by Black & Brown entrepreneurs like you?

Would you then be surprised to hear that despite being in the majority, businesses like yours are the ones that most often end up unseen and unheard? This makes even less sense when investors and potential customers search for Black & Brown businesses to support but can’t find them.

To close the gap, you need to increase brand awareness and convey a message that resonates with these target audiences. For that, you want to generate and share high-quality content that will deliver value and create a sense of community around your brand.

However, if you’re like any other entrepreneur I know, you are BUSY. Too busy to write all the blogs, website copy, marketing emails, social media posts, or execute all the content creation your business needs to thrive.

You know you need help. Maybe you have even hired a copywriter or content creator from one of those websites, but what you got back sounded very, shall we say, unseasoned.

This is where I come in.

What I Do…

I take your unique brand voice and craft content to promote your business and tell your story that features humor, sensitivity, and social awareness. All that, and it will still sound like you.

I can work with minimal direction and just the handful of thoughts you scribbled down between phone calls a couple of months ago. Or, if you want to collaborate on a larger project, I am happy to talk strategy. If you just need another set of eyeballs for proofreading, I am here for that too.

My full services include:

Content Creation

Social Media Content

Brand Storytelling

Mission Statement
Vision Statement
Brand History Story
Executive Bio

Other Services

Product Descriptions
Website Copy

Content & Copywriting Collaboration

Why I Do It…

I have a vision that one day ALL brand voices are heard. In this vision, the brand storytellers reflect the diversity of those voices. Until that day comes I will…

Amplify Black & Brown entrepreneurial brands that often go unheard.

Produce culturally authentic content that feels familiar and engaging to a diverse audience.

Do my part to ensure brand communication doesn’t erase cultural identity and is inclusive to everyone.

Read more of my story here.

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