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Not The Average Betty
This is Not The Average Betty

This is Not The Average Betty

The past few months, I’ve been spending my free hours working on a side hustle. I love where my career is headed and have no plans of quitting that any time soon; however, the universe has been EXTREMELY insistent that there is more I should be doing, and I could no longer ignore the not-so-subtle nudging. So I’m pleased to announce the launch of my business, Not The Average Betty, offering freelance copywriting and content consulting for Black & Brown entrepreneurs.

A little backstory

This all started while searching for a doctor a few years ago. I wanted a Black doctor because all healthcare in this country is not equal. Finding one was way more challenging than it should have been. I spent days crawling through search results and websites. Eventually, I got frustrated and decided to go to a random doctor’s office nearby. It was on their website staff bio page I ended up seeing my future doctor. If somewhere it had been more prominently written that this was an office owned by two phenomenal women of color and staffed by a BIPOC team, I would have found them sooner. How many other people in the area might go to their office if they knew? I’m not the only one looking for someone who looks like me to trust with my personal care or give my business. A seed was planted.

Enter 2020, and the Black Lives Matter movement. I am not the physical protest type, but I found a way I could still support the community I’m part of, by choosing to purchase products and services from minority-owned businesses whenever possible. I ran into the same difficulties as before. Endless searching for Black-owned honey suppliers, Black-owned tea companies, Black candle makers, life coaches, and therapists of color. Where are all the entrepreneurs and small businesses I know are out there? I wondered. 

The Journey

Around this point, I hired my friend Betty (same name, same greatness) as my financial coach. She mentioned needing to hire a copywriter to help her create more marketing content for her website, Young Rich & Rooted, because she didn’t have the time to write all the blogs and social posts she needed. I’d been considering freelance writing for the extra coin, damn pandemic spending, so I offered to write for her. She literally ran around her office, screaming in happiness. She’d wanted me to be her copywriter some years ago, but as I hadn’t been writing recently, she didn’t ask.

Everything clicked. I know Black & Brown businesses exist, and customers are looking for them. I’ve seen how entrepreneurs and business owners can be too busy to craft content that bridges the gap. I can write content and understand marketing. Plus, finding a copywriter or content creator who is both culturally aware and compelling to an audience is challenging to say the least. Here was a problem I could solve. 

I officially registered Not The Average Betty on New Year’s Eve. I am equal parts anxious and exhilarated to be starting something like this for myself. Diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life can mean so much, especially for the small businesses struggling right now. Therefore, I’ve made it my mission to amplify the voices of those Black & Brown entrepreneurs who may otherwise have gone unheard.

So, expect to hear more from me. Things I’ve worked on, others work I want to boost, or just interest pieces I want to share. And if you do happen to know of anyone who could use copywriting or content writing services, I appreciate a shout-out. Otherwise, thank you in advance for your support on this journey.